The series offered by “esslinger tonART” combines music recordings with illustrated books and includes fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm brothers, as well as tales from the mythical Russian fairy tale samowar. These tales draw the listener into an extraordinary world of sounds, in which the stories are illustrated and framed with musical compositions by Peter Schindler. The texts are brought to life with acoustic instruments, drawing the reader and listener alike into their magic. Miraculously, we travel through the Russia of old with a bassoon, and to the Palace of the Snow-Queen with a Celesta. A harmony is created that allows us to imagine that we are at the bottom of the sea swimming with mermaids. With the cello, erhu (a form of a Chinese violin) and guitar, we are amongst princesses.

With enchanting drawings by Anastassija Archipowa, and read by famous German actors Nina Hoss and Reinhold Weiser, the result is an all around treat for both eyes and ears.