There’s no business like show business like no business I know

Musicals have swept stages worldwide. They have become an important element of repertoires in national, state and municipal theaters, as well as on independent stages and at festivals. In addition, there are numerous theaters that specialize in presenting musicals. The stories told are as varied as the musical styles to which they are set. From historical narratives to the spaciest science fiction, from minuets to rock and rap: Anything goes!

How would you like to live through the witching hour? Or to perform in a circus? And has it always been your secret dream to play the drums on orange garbage cans? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome, willkommen, bienvenue, to the wonderful world of musicals! You will find funny, suspenseful, absurd, and provocative tales with a meaningful message but without finger wagging. For large or small stages, for school theaters or churches, and wherever else you might want to stage your show.

The numbers of players and singers can be varied to meet your needs. Five or 25 circus horses can dance along; 13 or 30 ghosts might spook; ten or 100 angels can join in song; four or all the garbage men in the city grove along in their orange outfits: you can decide how large you want your cast to be.

These pieces have been written for everyone under the age of 100, and very happily for those over 100, as well. Would you prefer songs for one or for several voices? Sing them anyway you like. A good melody can even be played on a watering-can. There are virtually no limits to the possibilities for instrumental accompaniment. If you have a good pianist and a competent percussionist, you have all the basics you need. If you’d like, you can add a big wind section and many, many strings. In any case, your esteemed audience will surely be delighted! So: go for it and break a leg!