The chanson collection Rosenzeit makes texts from the Middle Ages, Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods accessible through jazz-inspired music. The question of just how old the texts are is one that often leads to much discussion and considerable amazement after the concert; what is clear however, is that through their musical interpretation, listeners come to appreciate them as if they were written just yesterday.

The celebration of Eduard Mörike’s 200th birthday in 2004 seemed the appropriate occasion to set these texts afresh to music.

The newly composed Mörike lieder were performed by Saltacello with singer Sandra Hartmann under the title of “Rosenzeit-Zyklus” (“Time of Roses Cycle”).

Violoncello – Wolfgang Schindler
Saxophones, Clarinets, Flute – Peter Lehel
Bass – Mini Schulz
Drums – Herbert Wachter
Piano, Composition – Peter Schindler

Guest Artists
Vocals – Sandra Hartmann
Guitar – Dieter Fischer