Musical:  KÖNIG KEKS

Composer:  Peter Schindler

Songwriter / Librettist: Babette Dieterich, Peter Schindler

Duration:  90 min

Courage, tolerance and conciliation – this is the message of a sweet and sharp, thrilling love story. Based loosely on Shakespeare and his famous tragedy “Romeo and Juliet,” a prince, smitten with love, and a courageous baroness bring foreign cultures and two hostile families together in a dramatic happy end. Musically, König Keks thrives on contrasts: Whereas the music of Krokantia borrows from the world of operetta, the music of the Chili islands is fiery and rhythmic. On the one hand, a small salon orchestra, and on the other a band produce a diversified sound. An experienced pianst can accompany a performance of the piece alone. König Keks offers ample musical as well as scenic performance possibilities for people of all ages.