“Hans, mach Dampf!” (“Hans, full steam ahead!”)
is a wonderful audio book for reading, singing, and playing along. It consists of sixteen songs by Peter Schindler, set to texts by Christoph Mohr, Peter Schindler and Peter Hammerschlag, which have been woven into a tale full of adventure. Renowned illustrator Wolfgang Slawski created a fantastic imagery specifically for children, vibrant and full of emotions, to go along with each of the songs. Each picture is so rich that we keep on discovering something new everytime we look at it.
Music, tales, and paintings merge together into a colorful, adventure-packed journey.  Children, three and older, are invited to join in on the trip. Simply put on the CD, open the book and off you go!

Hans Dampf is a cheerful steam-train driver who has the best contacts across the entire world. His train stops in small towns like St Ottilie or Posemuckel, but also at the crazy Fat Dog Bar (Bar zum Dicken Hund),
in Rumbaland Lumino or even in the jungle. The adventuresome travelers will be invited to join in celebrating a lion’s birthday, to visit an ill tiger and to meet the mighty King Punimo, who can even dictate the weather.
We listen with the greatest pleasure to Dagobert the frog and his frog choir, to Arnold, the bunny, who constantly has to twitch his nose, and to the little hen who tells tales of Africa, China and Greenland, and what it is like to fly around the world alone.

With frequently alternating melodies and rhythms, children are enchanted and drawn to listen closely.
The music is played entirely on acoustic instruments. The “Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw,” a top class international ensemble, sing the choir pieces that delight the adventuresome travelers. Drummer Obi Jenne, bassist Mini Schulz, saxophonist Peter Lehel, percussionist Markus Faller, and Peter Schindler at the piano ensure first class musical accompaniment. And with incredible enthusiasm, actor Jo Jung guides us on our journey.